Reporting Tools


SAP's Business Objects (BO) has provided profitable solutions when it comes to Business Intelligence with an impeccable track record. The enterprise software which is used by major corporations across the planet, BO, has maintained its track record courtesy the technical resources to go through development cycles bringing in enhancements for products when required. In addition to this, BO has a robust set of features which can handle loads of complex tasks. BO's fluid integration facilitates integration with critical software applications such as Java, .NET as well as Microsoft Office. With the aforementioned features, BO consultants are here to stay for the long run irrespective of a shift in trends given the critical advantage with their skills.


Tableau enables creation of highly-detailed, incredibly interactive and readily sharable dashboards by facilitating users' connection with the required data. Professionals skilled in using Tableau can swiftly develop visuals and switch between different types to find the data model that is ideal for the data or message. Tableau helps you get through painstaking searches for colour and layout combinations as the default set of features are based on the best colour and layout combinations possible. Tableau is being used flagrantly to this day courtesy its well-organized UI which helps you customize with a few clicks rather than laboriously go through complicated menus.


Workday has been deemed critical by major companies and users for effective human capital management. Back by its SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, Workday thrives on its quick and seamless deployment along with high levels of security courtesy the numerous security-check certifications. The global enterprise-level software is also sought after courtesy its effective auto-updates which helps users stay up-to-date without having to press a key. In addition to these features, Workday boasts of a web-based UI which helps users function independently without the assistance of external sources.


It has evolved has a highly-efficient Business Intelligence (BI) platform that helps provide critical business insights through uncomplicated data consolidations, search and enterprise-level data visualization tools. QlikView has proven to be swift with creating applications when you just have a few minutes to analyze data. In addition to this, QlikView is tangible as you can configure it to suit your requirements. To rid the user of integration woes, QlikView has in-built ETL and Data Storage while having a sophisticated calculation engine to help deal with complex calculations.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) helps analyze complex enterprise-level data and stats to deliver decision-critical sharable data that provides critical insights which are highly valuable for large corporations. The software helps provide server-based solutions to generate, control and deliver traditional, interactive and web-based reports. The in-built data storage and SQL package helps create a platform to gather data from even the most complex of sources in order to present them in the form of critical, readable data. Since BI requirement is on the rise in the industry, consultants trained in Microsoft BI are offered spectacular jobs and are sure to have a career with the skills possessed.