Mobile Development


Backed by scintillating performance records, high-end UI and staggering revenue generation for Apple Inc. , iOS has been deemed critical for success in the realm of mobile applications. Given the fact that, as of 2013, 73% of Apple's revenue was generated through the App Store, having an app on the store means reach and visibility guaranteed. Moreover, the technical challenges of launching an app on the store certifies a great deal of credibility and necessary technical-creativity which in turn, pave a way for mobile success. Add to that the dozens of languages for support and worldwide reach plus the in-built desktop application which makes data transfer between devices a piece of cake. Given the sheer skill involved with iOS apps, iOS developers are often considered to be at the top-tier when it comes to mobile application development making them valuable assets for any company.


The first word off anybody's lips when it comes to affordable mobile application development. The fact that android is flagrantly open source just adds more to the drive of many a passionate developers as it's simple to just download development toolkits to build your own app for business and marketing. Moreover, Android's market share of a mammoth 81.5% worldwide is just a testament of its robustness, ease of use and the development ecosystem which Google Play has nurtured. Almost every company that comes out with an app for business is inclined to begin with Android and its developers have tons of opportunities in the industry today.