Having accomplished itself as a top-tier PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) software package provider when it comes to providing enterprise-level service management software, ServiceNow's popularity is well known across corporations and users. ServiceNow provides improved access and enhanced security for your catalog along with test management applications which provide test plans and cases that includes monitoring test processes as well as evaluating test results. Another perky feature is the Project Workbench which makes managing projects and presenting information from your projects a walk in the park. Professionals seasoned in ServiceNow applications are being sought after by the day and have scores of opportunities waiting for them.


The cloud-driven Salesforce is widely considered as the most inventive solution to CRM with swift, simple and efficient CRM tools. With its Sales, Marketing and Service clouds as well as, and chatter, Salesforce provides high-end solutions to the challenges of CRM in the 21st century. Salesforce's cloud can be deployed to easily track customer behaviour, studying aspects such as purchases and preferences while important data such as contacts, analytics, forecasts and updates are all logged by the cloud which can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a computer or even your mobile. Major companies have leveraged their way to success using Salesforce's cloud-driven applications while professionals having handson experience are valuable assets in the industry today.